Membership donations for NGOs

Piblitz helps you develop deep connections with your audience and increases your donations up to 3 times.

Lets change the way Non-profits raise funds

Its tough for a person to donate a huge amount at one time.
Let your fans support your noble work via monthly memberships for a long time.

Start a membership for your donors

Give them an easy, meaningful way to support your work on a regular basis.

Flexible Tiers

Create effective tiers to let your donors choose a cause.

Instant payout

No one-month delay. Get Instantly paid directly to your bank account.

Up to 3X Donations

It is super easy to donate a small amount every month. Get more funds without any additional marketing.

Create your Supporters community

Intiate a closed space of supporters without clinging to unwanted noise.

Member-only threads

Post threads that only donors can see and reply. This gives a bigger reason to admire.

Clutter the noise

Not everyone deserves your attention. Develop a deeper connection with people who matters the most.

More trust. More support

Your continous updates increase donors trust for the NGO which eventually drives them to donate more.

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